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the attack so close to a town where both french troops and u.n. soldiers are stationed. >> last year, kite all bank -- last year, kidal was the center of an uprising. pockets of insurgency remain. two traveled to the northeastern town to interview a local official from a to our egg -- from a tuareg separatists group. said he saw theld journalists being bundled into a four-wheel drive. it is the last time they were seen alive. their bodies were found riddled with bullets alongside the abandoned vehicle. after an emergency meeting called by the president in paris, france's foreign minister blamed terrorists. a crime against two people who were assassinated in cold blood under inhuman conditions. but it is also a crime against the basic freedom to inform and to be informed. rfi condemned the the killings but to clear the network will not be intimidated -- but declared the network will not be intimidated. >> should we stop from writing information -- stop providing information? the answer is no. >> they were veteran africa correspondence. they were in kidal earlier this year to cover the first
of variety of groups are active in various places. observers into things to breaking in the u n mediator in syria have estimated that there are more than six hundred groups each with more than fifty scientists and some of them have substantially mole ten to fifteen thousand girls each group is battling every team but they lack a clear goal beyond that. someone a free syria. this helps or an islamic caliphate. infighting among the rebels are broken long ago i and its dislike of unity to play straight into the regime's hands. ok when the ball in the target server he is president of doctors without borders germany and talk read you just got back from it. i'm helping patients on the borders on in iraq as well as lebanon you were telling me what are the conditions they are right now in terms of treating people magically. but it's a very difficult situation that we've been setting up of ten ride at the ball. and the iraqi side of the border and we have seen more than eight hundred patients in the full weeks i've been there and we've seen thousand patients all summer for sg coming soon. i'm off
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2